Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well if you've ever been looking for an instant collection, I have a friend that is selling her entire collection of autographs and memorabilia. $20,000 but if you ask me it is low for what is in the collection.

over 1000 photos, and posters, all signed as well as a fedora that Michael Jackson wore and signed with paperwork from Michael Jackson. I am surprised this is being sold but, I guess times are tough!

Monday, October 18, 2010


So I decided to stroll around eBay today, seeing what exactly is out there, and who I could possibly be in competition with. We all already know forgeries have been a problem on eBay in the past, however, my visit tot he bay today, just strengthens my opinion that most of it, yes, you guess it - GARBAGE!

I was seriously shocked. I haven't been on there in awhile, but the amount of fake Eastwood, DeNiro's, Ali's, Pacinos...you name the celeb and there is probably a forgery on eBay right now waiting for you to pull the trigger.

I implore you to do your research! YES there are plenty of authentic signed pieces out there. It's up for the grabs too. Just think before you buy. Know your seller well, and make sure that they have full details of when and where your autograph was obtained.